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Acumen Marketing Services Business Development Telemarketing

Since incorporation, Acumen has continuously evolved to meet its client requirements and changes in the market. In order to meet all aspects of our clients’ needs, we developed a highly experienced in-house dedicated creative design and marketing team.

With the extensive intelligence that we gather for our clients, we know first hand what the prospects respond to and what marketing collateral generates interest. We are therefore able to effectively harness this information and turn it into compelling literature that is targeted in the correct way and relevant to each sector.

The main benefit of using our in-house design service is that we can respond quicker and nothing is lost in translation from the initial client brief to the marketing strategy and material that is developed for them.

Services include

  • Email campaigns
  • Website development including e-commerce and data gathering
  • SEO development
  • Branding and market positioning including copywriting
  • Product and tactical literature
  • Direct mail
  • Presentations
  • Print management and mailing
  • Exhibition design and graphics

Acumen Marketing Services Business Development Telemarketing


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